The Pawn Shop buys new, used and pre-owned items. If you want some extra money in your back pocket, consider selling some us something you don’t need anymore.

Some people prefer to sell their stuff on eBay, at a garage sale, at a flea market, to their friends and relatives, or in a magazine or newspaper classified section. However, many of our customers sell us their extra gold, coins, silver, platinum, jewelry, firearms, high capacity magazines, tools, musical instruments, guitars, electronics, antiques, lap computers, hand & power tools, antiques, ATVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, collectibles and other merchandise because it is a faster way to get some extra money.

While we don’t offer appraisals or estimates over the phone, we can give you an idea if your items are something we might be interested in purchasing.

Here are a few suggestions on selling an item to The Pawn Shop:

1) Clean and check out the items you are going to bring to our store. Sure, you can look around your basement or garage for items that haven’t been used for awhile, but it is better if you turn on any electronics first to see if they work. It also helps to clean the items you bring into our store. If you are going to sell a dirt bike, ATV or motorcycle, it is always a good idea to give it a quick wash before coming and bring the Pink Slip.

2) Call us first to find out if there is a good chance that we will purchase the items you are considering bringing to our store. While we can’t provide appraisals over the phone, we can give you an idea if we will consider your items for purchase. For instance, we do purchase a very wide range of expensive items and we are known throughout the Central Valley as one of the few pawn shops that will buy expensive items, like expensive firearms, signed art, bronze statues, etc.

3) Make sure that the items you want to sell have all the proper parts and/or accessories. For example, if you are going to sell a digital camera, make sure the memory card, battery and power cable are in the same box.

4) Make sure you bring proper identification. We will need to see a state issued ID or Drivers License with your picture on it in order to purchase an item. Remember, you must be at least 18 years of age to pawn or sell an item(s).

5) Call us first if you have any questions. Our phone number is 209-551-PAWN (7296) and we are open Monday through Friday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.

6) Drive to our store and bring your items and ID. We are located 1612 Oakdale Rd. Modesto, CA . Click here for directions or click here to contact us.

7) So now that you know how to sell an item (s) to The Pawn Shop, you can start collecting items to bring to our store.
We buy new, used and pre-owned items.

We look forward to seeing you soon!